B,Arch is  a 5 years duration course and it is divided into 2 stages and 10 semesters. Each semester is of 16 to 18 weeks duration covering minimum 35 contact periods per week.

The Stage 1– 1st year to 3rd year(1st sem-6th sem)

The Stage 2 –4th year to 5th year (7th sem-10th sem)

The  term examination is based on yearly basis.
There will be an Annual Examination at the end of each year. An Academic Year of about 52 weeks may be apportioned into terms. The Academic Calendar shall be notified by the University each year, before the start of academic year.

Appearing in Exam
A student will be allowed to appear at the B. Arch. examinations of Semester I to X after he has satisfactorily kept term for the concerned semester.
A student shall be deemed to have satisfactorily kept the term for any semester provided he/she has:
1. Attended, at least 75% of the total lectures / studio during the semester.
2. The student has completed his/her studio assignments and other term work in theory subjects satisfactorily.

External Exam (Theory, Jury/Viva) and term work
In Every subject, the external exam and term – work shall be considered as separate heads for passing.

Minimum for passing
Minimum passing percentage shall be 50 % both for term work and external exam, in each subject.

Practical training
The practical training shall be supervised and evaluated by the institution.

Guidelines for conduct of Architectural thesis project
The candidate shall submit a synopsis of the Thesis project and the institution will approve this before the candidate is allowed to proceed further.
The institution shall conduct the internal evaluation stages for the architectural Thesis / Project with the guide as a co – assessor.