The founders led a moral infrastructure which encourages the participation and leadership in the founders led a moral infrastructure which encourages the participation and leadership in profession of understanding that this better world will make a better institute, a professionally focused organization. In which the educational experiences include many avenues of learning.

The classroom lecture is an important component of Bachelor of Architecture course, all along with that we also celebrate a declaration and constitute a model upon in which there is more to a college experience than just academics. Our students gain critical leadership and team-building skills through participation in student professional organizations that is extra mural activities introduced in Wednesday afternoon of every week.

These soft skill programs are enhanced along with the regular academics which encourage our undergraduate students to identify innovative solutions to technical challenges and also help them to develop leadership quality and managerial skills. Given an environment that supports and encourages inquiry, our next generation of Architects will be well prepared to address the complex global challenges of tomorrow. The faculty members are the primary focus in these activities to help students’ at all academic levels.

The mission is to provide an avenue for outreach of the Architectural education that emphasizes practical experience of the real world with the regular academic course. This will lead to a successful career in the Profession. Our faculty is working toward that goal only. They also encourage Team work to make the dream work.

As truly “what really matters are : hope, trust, responsibility, compassion, and a sense of justice and the power of a positive outlook that motivates to believe that students can achieve…in order to achieve”.

These words are a wonderful definition of fostering individual independence and self-reliant through education which aim at lifting students up to a new level of capability and develop their personal and professional skills. 

Ar. Bandana Jain