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Urbanization and sustainability is an expository journal aimed to explain the recent advancement in the field of urbanization with sustainable approach. It publishes scholarly articles and applied research intend to enhance the knowledge of readers by a providing a forum for formative well written articles. Sustainable urbanism is both the study of cities and the practices to build them urbanism that focus on promoting their long term viability by reducing consumption, waste and harmful impacts on people and place while enhancing the overall well being of both people and place.

Editorial Board


Ar. Himmat Bhatia
  • Principal| Email: principal@bmsasnp.com
  • Editor:

    Ar. Anju Mani Kalita
  • Associate Professor | Email: manianju@gmail.com
  • Editorial Board Members:

    Ar. Supriya Sinha
  • Assistant Professor | email: supriyasinha@bmsasnp.com
  • Ar. Madhur Varshney
  • Assistant Professor | email: madhur@bmsasnp.com
  • Ar. Parsoon Gupta
  • Assistant Professor | email: Prasoon_gupta2006@yahoo.com


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    To educate the future leaders of the design and planning disciplines in the professional fields of architecture , urban design, and town planning. This effort builds upon a strong context of professional education within an art and design institute that stresses the relationship between intellectual development and creative practice through design-centred teaching and research.
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